PSOWe put on the new everyday and we hear the same thing, massive layoffs and firings are all over the TV screen.  When things look like they are trying to get better it seems that things are getting worse where the job market is concerned.  And then the TV camera flashes to the line at the Department of Labor and you see thousands standing in line 6 feet apart outside of a building that has more people out of jobs than there are jobs that need to be filled.

This is where Madison Enterprises comes in and rides in like a superhero to save the day.  Many jobs may not be hiring but at this female-owned company we are hiring.  In this career, you decide how much you will work and you call the shots in terms of how you promote yourself to get as many callers as possible. The many skillsets that you learned in the workforce you are able to apply them to the role as a Phone Sex Operator and here are those skillsets explained in further detail.

Punctuality – it was important to get to work on time back then and it is still important to do that now.  Though you are able to set your own schedule according to what works for you it is important to know that once you set your schedule with a specific stat time that you honor that start time.  When clients call for you and they get your schedule from the dispatcher they are expecting for you to be available at the time that you specified.

You don’t want to appear to be flaky and unreliable.  It is understandable if someone calls for you and you are communicating with another client at the same time, as the dispatcher will inform the client so he or she can call back to speak to you once you are available.  Another important detail is to make sure that the focus of the call is on the client and what he or she wants and any other personal situation that you are going through does not come up in the conversation with your client.

If you are are having a horrible day with family issues that is something that you have to put on the back burner in order for you to pay attention to your caller.  They are calling you to feel better it is not the other way around so make sure that your mind and your focus is on your client and not on you.

This is a similar skillset to when you worked in the office world as it it not customary for you to bring problems to work but you learned then that you have to separate work from play and here it is sort of the same thing – though there’s a ton of fun that you are going to have working as a PSO at Madison Enterprises.

And in your spare time, read some sexy erotic books in order to keep your conversations with callers fresh so that each time you role-play various scenarios it is always something fresh, new and creative that you are bringing to the table.

Now with all that said, if you want to know how to become a phone sex operator all you have to do is apply at this link:

Madison Enterprise
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