We all make mistakes.

Sometimes people forget they purchased our service, or do not recognize the charges from “MadPro Design” on their credit card statement. For whatever reason, they do not take the time or make the effort to contact us in order to rectify it.

It has even happened that sometimes people remember having used the service but are dissatisfied. That’s ok, it is not for everyone.

But, clients who think it is easier to call their bank and ask for the charges to be canceled rather than simply calling us and asking for a refund are mistaken. (We have a refund policy to avoid this).

Some people use the service for a while, spend a little or a lot of money… and pretend they did not use it once it’s time to pay their credit card bill. This is just not cool. And it’s also illegal.


We’d like to remind you that if you used our services, you have a legal obligation to pay us for services rendered otherwise we may need to involve a third party into the matter. Should you decide not to pay us for services you receive it is considered Credit Card Fraud and will result in Personal, Legal and Financial consequences.


When we are faced with this issue, we try to contact the customer to discuss the problem and ensure privacy. If we are unable to reach the customer in question in order to resolve the matter, we must transfer all files, phone records, IP addresses, call recordings and other details to the Bank, as they will require us to proofs of purchase and usage of the service. Any due funds are sent to a Collection Attorney that will contact you.

We then file a fraud case with authorities. Nobody wants to do this, but we have no choice. We need to pay for the services you received.

We must add a Penalty Fee of 25$USD to each transaction due to our bank charging us this fee and we really hate to do that too.

You will have to pay the Collection Attorney and any other legal fees ensued.

If you charge your payments back, you will owe us:

Your total original due amount (purchases)

A $25 penalty fee for each transaction

Attorney & other fees

If you use our services and are not satisfied, please call or email us to discuss a refund or an alternative payment arrangement to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Our customer service number is: (888) 430-2010 and our email is: [email protected]