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I hated having to go to work. I’m a
functioning adult, so I did what I had to do, but that certainly doesn’t mean I
enjoyed it.  I worked shifts, so I had to
wake up at four am to beat the traffic just to make it to work at nine am.  Second shift had me watching the clock all
day to see how many hours I had before I had to trudge my way to work. And the
best shift of all, third, had me standing around like a zombie in a cloud of
exhaustion. None of that sounds terribly pleasant, does it? What do I do now? I
work as a phone sex operator,
so whether I work a few hours or 24 of them, I’m home and relaxed. If I take
the night off, and plan to log in at nine am, all I have to do is set the alarm
for nine, roll over to log in on my phone… and that’s it.  What’s not to like about that?